Tom Udall and Habits

 Posted:  May 29, 2014

We all have our habits, We eat left handed instead of right. We like to channel surf instead of looking at a TV guide and then picking one show. We like red cars instead of gray. We like the Yankees instead of the Red Sox.

In New Mexico, we have had a habit of sending Tom Udall back to office whether he deserves it or not.

Tom complains about finance reform but has no trouble accepting his campaign money. Tom complains about money corrupting elections but, from this article, it seems that he is the one with all the money, and all the say.

New Mexicans have been voting by habit over the years. They shouldn’t be surprised that voting by habit doesn’t often result in better situations.

This election voters might decide that change is good and a career politician who takes lots of money from Big East politicians might not be what New Mexico needs. Maybe they will check out and find that Tom does a lot of things that don’t represent New Mexicans. Always remember that what Tom says and what Tom does are two different things.

Full article here >>>.

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