Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich Need to Take 90 Seconds to See How They Caused the Student Debt Debacle

 Posted:  June 25, 2014

A week or so ago, Martin Heinrich penned a silly op-ed in the Albuquerque Journal about Student Debt and how he was personally trying to make things easier but the mean Republicans were fighting him at every step. Tom Udall has issued the same nonsense on his website and interviews.

In 90 seconds, Mark Cuban gives a tutorial on the origins of student debt, the ways the Federal government has created and maintains the crisis, and the future blowup of the bubble. We have lots of bubbles because the Feds and Federal Reserve crime syndicate like them.

It is invigorating that a non-politician can, in 90 seconds, explain a problem concisely, logically, unemotionally, without stooping to blame the other guy tactics or look at me I am so wonderful mannerisms. Problem is, these guys don’t run for politics because they have other things on their minds. So, we are left with Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich to try and cover their mistakes in the Student Loan Crisis, just another of those crisis that they have helped grow by loving to pass out free taxpayer money to buy more votes and adulation.

Students vote too and maybe they will take a close look at the guys who, once again, have overspent, overpromised, under-delivered.

Students will be paying for Tom Udall’s/Martin Heinrich’s mistakes for a long time. Everyone knows that today’s politicians spends future generation’s money. It is safer that way.

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