Tom Udall and Shutting Down the Government: Baby Talk

 Posted:  June 9, 2014

According to Tom Udall, shutting down the government has nothing to do with leadership.

Tom Udall, by his voting record and ideology, really doesn’t know much about leadership. He would rather keep spending, keep buying votes, keep marginalizing and demonizing opponents who are under pressure from their constituents to do something about a Federal government that knows no limits with its spending addiction.

The Republicans, to their credit, tried to address the fact that money coming in and money going out are going in the wrong direction. They tried to be adults. They tried to say that adjustments had to be made, spending had to be SLOWED. They weren’t even trying to stop the spending. They just peeped up about slowing the growth of spending, just a modest little proposal.

Tom Udall wants none of that. He likes to spend your money.

Tom Udall continues to talk baby talk. He continues to have his temper tantrum. He continues to believe that you can do everything for everyone all of the time. He, if course, is not alone. Most of his party are not ranked high in knowing about budgets, deadlines, over the top spending.

Down in the trenches we all have been tightening our belts, eating hamburger instead of steaks, watching neighbors trade food stamps on the black market. Down in the trenches we are working two to three part time jobs to equal one good ole fashioned 40 hours a week job.

When Tom Udall fusses at the mean ole Republicans you just want to turn the sound off the television.

Shutting down the government is not what any of us want. What we really want is a Federal government that lives within its means, quits supporting crony capitalism, and lets us keep what we make so we can follow our dreams.

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