Tom Udall and the Illusion of Net Neutrality

 Posted:  May 20, 2014

Tom Udall believes in net neutrality – keeping the Internet open and free so little guys have a chance to get their product and/or message out. He also believes in letting President Obama have his “team” in office and pushes for filibuster reform to make sure that there is no opposition to his party’s views.

So, Tom Udall and most other Senators (including Martin Heinrich) voted to confirm the worst possible man to head up the Federal Communications Committee that makes decisions about the internet that we all use. Tom Udall voted for a lobbyist and power player for the big corporations that Tom Udall says he despises (Tom Wheeler).

Well, words are just words until something happens. What has happened is the FCC committee has made a decision that has shredded net neutrality. The committee voted along party lines with three Democrats siding with big business and two Republicans voted for the little guys.

Now, big boys like Comcast who incidentally gives a lot of money to Tom Udall, can charge little guys money for their right to get on the Internet. Crony capitalism has popped up once again in Tom Udall’s lap.

When Tom Udall says he is for something it pays to check a little deeper.

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