Tom Udall and the Incumbent Protection Act

 Posted:  May 31, 2014

Incumbents, with their ability to send mail at taxpayer expense via the franking privilege, gain favorable media attention through event appearances and legislative initiatives, and fund raise from Washington insiders whose livelihoods they often control, have tremendous advantages over even the best funded challengers. In 2012, with Congressional approval ratings at record lows, an astonishing nine in ten members in the House and Senate who sought re-election
were successful …”

Tom Udall voted for the McCain Feingold Campaign Finance Act of 2012. Heather Wilson and Joe Skeen voted against it. This bill with high minded ideas has been called the “Incumbent Protection Act” for letting politicians decide who can give, how much they can give, and who they can give to. As articles attached to these comments show, this bill helped Democrats take over the House and Senate from Republicans who were very good at getting money from business, their traditional constituency.

Tom Udall has recently been working on extending his desire to curb YOUR Constitutional Rights. His is promoting, with pride, an amendment to our Constitution concerning free speech. You can hate corporations and private enterprise, capitalism and all that goes with it, but how can you hate those groups of people who support the government that Tom Udall loves?

The ONLY Constitutional Amendment we really need is Term Limits. That would keep the career politicians, of both parties, out of the hen house.

You don’t realize, until you look, that Tom Udall has made a lot of dirty votes in his career. He takes money for his campaign fund on almost every significant vote he has ever made, FROM BOTH SIDES. Now that is a real sign of dedication to profit from a vote no matter which side you vote for.

Tom Udall is an incumbent and a lifelong political operative. Maybe New Mexicans will decide to really do some Campaign Reform and vote against him in the November election. He has yet to prove why he should be returned to Congress.

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