Tom Udall and the Prairie Chicken

 Posted:  March 28, 2014

We all love animals. No one wants to harm our fish, fowl, or mammals, disturb their habitats, totally take over their stomping grounds. Most everyone has a respect for nature and wants to pick up their trash and clean up their mess. Most also want to have good paying jobs, resources to run cities, abundant food to eat, and a way to sustain ourselves as people on the planet. The idea that animals and habitats need to be protected is great. The idea that resources are not to be developed because of animals is questionable.

The Prairie Chicken roams five oil producing states in the west. The Federal government has recently declared the sanctity of the Prairie Chicken and its habitat which means states and business, mostly oil business, will have to jump through lots of hoops to bring energy to Americans at an affordable cost. New Mexico, an oil producer, will be affected by this ruling. It will mean more difficulties for the oil business which means less production which means less jobs and less oil revenue paid to New Mexico in the form of taxes.

Tom Udall loves animals. He finds nothing wrong with the latest decisions to place the Prairie Chicken on the endangered list and thus endanger the people who live in oil producing areas of our state. The environment is always more important than the people who live there. Besides, the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters will give him lots of money for his campaign.

Tom will support windmills, that kill thousands of birds, yet restrict drilling for oil that might kill only a hundred birds. You decide – should a hundred birds determine what New Mexico does with its resources? Would you rather have gas for your car, a growing Permanent Fund that benefits all New Mexicans, good jobs that help families survive or would you rather have land off limits to all development.

We like Prairie Chickens, but it is chicken to shut down industries New Mexico needs. Communities have worked to find local solutions, but Tom Udall likes the Big Government Solution.

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