Tom Udall and the Three C’s

 Posted:  July 4, 2014

Back in our grade schools most of us learned our ABC’s. There were charts on the wall that showed how the letters were to be constructed and we had special tablets – two lines for capitals and one line for small letters. We started with the ABC’s and worked all the way to the end of the alphabet until we had mastered printing. Then, it was putting the letters together into words and the words into sentences. It was not stimulating stuff- just rote learning, skill development stuff. While we were working on the alphabet, Tom Udall worked on his three C’s extra hard.

The Three C’s were for Crony Capitalism, Collectivism, and Central Planning.

He sat in the front row by the teacher’s desk and filled up his entire tablet with his three C’s and little doodles of Washington D.C., Capital Hill, and rooms filled with reporters asking questions about what the government was going to be doing next. It was all foreign to us because we were just thinking of getting outside and playing baseball, getting to summer vacation. Tom Udall’s dad was in Congress at that time and he had a leg up on the rest of us middle class kids whose dads were working construction, retail, driving trucks and buying the first televisions that came out, black and white.

Tom Udall got to Washington D.C. and has been there a while making rules for us like he used to dream of in school. He likes the idea of taking our money and giving it to his friends and those he thinks need it more than we do. He likes following the group and making sure the group disciplines those who might stray. He most definitely likes a strong central government that makes all decisions for the workers and middle class, rewards the rich and powerful, and
does things for the poor.

Most of us learned our ABC’s pretty well, and they have stood us in stead. Tom Udall, however, really learned his Three C’s. He uses them a lot in his daily routines far far away from New Mexico.

After all, we don’t really move very far away from our early days. Crony Capitalism, Collectivism, and Central Planning are the big goals of Tom Udall – always have been, always will be.

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