Tom Udall and Your Civil Rights

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

The linked article below describes a very very bad bill that Tom Udall voted for in 2012 and in 2014. The ACLU is a group that gets a lot of bad press but they do follow the Constitution and speak out against particularly bad bills that come out of Congress.

The NDAA of 2014 was a new and unimproved bill that gives the President and the Federal Government and the military to do what they want to you without you having due process, privacy, and/or protection against our growing police state.

Tom Udall has voted for these bills all the way. It is ironic that he talks about being a protector of Civil Liberties, but votes for this bill that is totally totalitarian – and that is the ACLU staff of trained lawyers saying that – not just the Editor of this Website.

Tom Udall says things that protect his image, but his votes do not support his claims.

Big Brother has a friend in our New Mexico Senator. It is funny how the left has turned to be as bad as people think the right is.

Full article here >>>.

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