Tom Udall Begins Campaign in Albuquerque

 Posted:  August 5, 2014

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In the editor’s in box a few days ago were some tidbits about the Tom Udall campaign opening an Albuquerque office with other progressives, all intent on confiscating as much New Mexico land as possible and giving it wrapped up in a nice red bow to President Obama, wielder of the Executive pen that takes and takes and takes and takes.

Word came to us that Al Franken from Minnesota was at the sortie and we wondered what New Mexico and Minnesota have in common. We know that Al Franken doesn’t represent the New Mexico voters. We know that Tom Udall doesn’t represent New Mexico voters. That must be their connection?


Tom Udall didn’t speak long but people took a few short notes about what he said:

  1. “I’m for the working man.”
  2. “I’m for the middle class.”
  3. ” Republicans won’t let us do anything.”
  4. “Citizen’s United is wrong.”
  5. “Get out and vote – we need your support.”

It was a very very short speech because Tom Udall doesn’t have much to say and he never is challenged by his groupies to explain what he says. It is well documented on this website that Tom Udall votes for the rich, votes for the elites, votes for HIS special interests, and the rest of us be damned, Tom Udall is happy to pass out someone else’s money but the table of food inside this fifties beat up office didn’t have any cold cuts.

The least Tom could do is spend a little money on the people who came to hear him.

We, at were pleased to get information on the event but nothing happened that changed our mind about Tom Udall.

He needs to get cold cuts for his food table, get rid of Al Franken and the cowboy boots, and stop trying to convince people he is some kind of down to earth good ole boy.

He is the most liberal man in the Senate, makes his living working for the progressive agenda of Harry Reid and Chuckie Schumer, and is all blue blood.

We missed the event, but, after reading what viewers sent us, we feel we didn’t miss much.

We like good food and fresh coffee.

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