Tom Udall Brings You Inflation

 Posted:  October 29, 2014

The cost of things has been going up this last year. If you look at the cost of butter, beef, meats, fresh fruit, milk, you know that they are going up every week. You know that you are not eating steaks but having to settle for Ramen Noodles, hamburger helper, oatmeal, and everything that has Value on the box. This hasn’t happened by accident. It is a direct result of money policies coming out of Washington D.C. and bills that Tom Udall has voted for.

As you drive up the cost of doing business, the costs have to be passed on to the consumer. Even in a low margin business like food, you can’t take it on the chin forever. Prices are going up not because of the greed of the business, but because the owners have to make a profit or they go out of business. Costs are also going up because the value of your dollar is going down. By following loose money policies, the Federal Reserve has helped the rich but robbed from you because your money is worth less because there is so much more money around. Remember the old fact that the more money there is chasing goods, the more expensive the goods will be.

When you go to the store and see a new price tag stuck on a can of chili, remember that Tom Udall had a hand in it.

You aren’t going to get cheaper groceries by sending a man back to Washington who makes it more expensive for business to operate, and makes the buying power of your hard earned money go down.

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