Tom Udall Buys His Senate Seat Again

 Posted:  October 13, 2014

The man who wants to clean up money in politics seems to be using a lot of it to make sure he can pursue his not too secret desire to crush all those who don’t care much for his group think schemes.

If you look at the money spent on political ads this political go around you will see that Tom Udall, in a race that is deemed by many not to be close, is spending plenty of money to see his opponent Allen Weh defeated. Tom Udall also has been very shocked at being called a big spender, a man who voted for ObamaCare, a man who uses the IRS as his own personal bodyguard against the big bad “tea party groups” who only want the government to spend no more than they have to spend, and stop elitist characters like Tom Udall from hanging out in Washington cocktail parties deciding how to get into your wallets and who to give the money too that hasn’t earned it.

The linked article below shows who is spending the most money in New Mexico to get their message out.

Funny but it does seem like having the inability to spend money diminishes your ability to compete for votes and get elected.

Tom Udall knows what it takes to win in Washington.

We are still waiting for him to step up to the plate and quit spending so much money on himself.

It would be a nice gesture if he donated a couple of million to Joy Junction in Albuquerque that definitely knows how to help people in need?

Full article here >>>.

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