Tom Udall Changing His Energy Spots

 Posted:  May 24, 2014

There is an old saying that tigers can’t change their spots. There is another saying, however, that tigers and politicians are always camouflaging themselves for their political advantage.

It is well documented in the Website that Tom Udall has a 0% voting record when it comes to supporting coal, nuclear energy, natural gas, or any other fossil fuel. Tom Udall overwhelmingly supports solar, wind, bio-fuels as energy sources and wants to make them the major source of energy generation in the U.S. He consistently votes against oil companies, coal companies, and natural gas companies. This seems irrational since the U.S. is increasingly an energy hog and alternative energy can, in no way, supply the power needs of a country plugged in to computers, cell phones, streaming videos, the internet, cable, and all other media power drains.

This letter to the President, a few months before election time, seems particularly egregious. It is supposed that exporting natural gas, which environmentalists consider as dirty as coal, is okay but using it at home is not okay. Somehow the world is better if we leave a big carbon footprint outside our borders instead of within our borders.

Environmentalists should not be worried by this letter. Tom Udall will continue his push to make less energy and make more expensive energy; he is not about to support fossil fuels.

This is all about appearances. This is all about votes. This is all about camouflaging your spots.

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