Tom Udall Charged With Ethics Violations in Senate in June 2014

 Posted:  October 26, 2014

You wouldn’t know it because the local newspapers and the local campaigns haven’t brought it up but Tom Udall has had an ethics charge filed against him. If it had been a Republican you would have certainly have heard about it and we remember the stink on Pete Domenici and Heather Wilson who were involved in questionable dealings in their careers.

It takes a lot to get charged with an Ethics Complaint and Tom Udall has been charged along with eight other Democratic Senators with using the IRS to improperly INVESTIGATE non-profit political groups (Tea Party Groups including the Albuquerque Tea Party).

Nixon was impeached for attempting to use the IRS for political purposes and each of the nine charged Senators, to a varied degree, have done this.

The complaint says that asking questions of the IRS about political groups is okay, but naming groups and asking for investigations is beyond the authority of Congress. Congress is a lawmaking group and cannot enforce laws – that belongs to the Executive Branch.

This is nothing new for Tom Udall, this not understanding the Constitution.

The ethics charge is still in progress. We expect the Senate will whitewash everything as they usually do. However, New Mexico voters need to hold Tom Udall accountable.

Tom Udall needs to quit hiding behind the dress of a campaign spokesman and explain exactly what he was thinking when he signed on to the letter. We expect the bigger fish in his party asked him to sign and he didn’t have the guts or knowledge to tell them they were barking up the wrong tree.

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