Tom Udall: Common Core and Data Mining

 Posted:  May 22, 2014

Tom Udall voted for No Child Left Behind and then voted against it. Tom Udall supports Common Core. Tom Udall supports public schools, public school unions, and public school mentality. He is against parent choice, student choice, and religious choice. You send your kids to the government factory schools and put up with all that happens there while you are at work making a living.

Data mining is in force at the moment. Your kids are future voters, future consumers, future assets or liabilities to business and politicians. There are already people who want to know what your kids think and are busily creating little folders on each of them without your consent. Information about your children is being used without your consent.

Perhaps Tom Udall would like to comment on data mining. He will deny that it is happening or at least suggest that he is protecting you. However, he has voted for the agencies that are currently doing the data mining and voted for the heads of the agencies that are doing the collecting.

What Tom Udall says and what he does are two very different things.

In a centralized economy with big government making all your decisions for you, information is essential and creating huge data banks to use in making command decisions is normal and usual. What is unusual is the fact that Americans seem to be going down to the slaughterhouse with Musak playing Michael Jackson and Beethoven.

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