Tom Udall Could Investigate This IRS Evil (but He Won’t)

 Posted:  October 30, 2014

Tom Udall knows about the IRS and how to use the evil agency to check up on innocent Americans participating in the political process and voicing their concerns about an out of control Federal government. A clerk at Wal-Mart told us today that the Federal government sold the middle class down the river and all politicians were in it for themselves.

Tom Udall has a complaint against him for writing a letter asking them to investigate 501c groups, all Tea Party groups who didn’t like his visions about big government, big taxation, and the right of elites to keep going back to WASHINGTON.

The linked video here describes just how messed up the IRS is. They have confiscated all the money from a grandmother because of the way she made her business deposits at her bank, the same way she always does.

If Tom Udall wants to help someone, he could start calling for an investigation of this incident with the IRS.

In fact, he could start pushing for tax reform that would eliminate the IRS forever from our lives, simplify the tax system, and perhaps even raise more money for him to spend – something he dearly loves.

Full article here >>>.

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