Tom Udall Couldn’t Tell the Truth if it Hit Him in the Como Se Llama

 Posted:  October 10, 2014

In the latest rebuttal by Tom Udall against Allen Weh, the incumbent brings, for once, a ton of “facts” about the dangers of the government shutdown a year or so ago. He paints a picture of crisis, destitution, and abject poverty. He cries about no economic growth and hurt. However, Tom Udall always leaves out important information.

In the linked article below by a major U.S. media outlet, the title asks a simple question – how can shutting down 17% of the Federal government be a crisis?

Everyone knows people in their organizations that are essential, people whose jobs require that they put in extra time and have skill sets that are a little more developed than their peers. Everyone knows that whether it is a local garden club, a political 501c group, your state legislature, or the local school, there are essential people and services and “luxuries”.

Tom Udall proclaims that the shutdown was averted. That is true, but he still hasn’t done a damn thing about the problem. We still are spending more money than we have, still haven’t set priorities, and still haven’t come to any kind of consensus what to do about the economic stagnation that covers us like a very dark storm cloud.

So, would you rather have a politician in office that shuts his eyes, closes his ears, shuts down his brain and always votes for more taxes and spending or would you rather have something else?

Private sector jobs have been decimated in the last ten years during Tom Udall’s tenure in office. Companies have made decisions about who is essential and who isn’t and laid off people to stay in business.

Please stick to the facts Tom Udall. Allen Weh did not vote for all the spending that pushed the government towards solving a problem they created.

You did that all by yourself.

Full article here >>>.

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