Tom Udall Didn’t Protect 5000 Jobs in June 2014

 Posted:  August 16, 2014

KOB TV runs a segment on the local news that tells how lousy the economy is in New Mexico.

In June 2014, one month, New Mexico lost 5000 jobs.

As much as he tries to help the labs and military bases, 5000 jobs (mostly federal government jobs) are gone in New Mexico.

The economy, as this news story says, is “weak and sick”.

The unemployment in NM is 6.5% but that doesn’t count the people who have stopped looking for work or moved to other states to find work.

Tom Udall is trying to save government jobs but he isn’t doing a good job.

We don’t cry about the loss of government jobs because we figure they are the first jobs that should go when times get tough and the private sector has paid a heavy heavy price in the last decade.

We expect more Federal government jobs to disappear because the tax revenues aren’t there to support them.

That is as it should be.

When Tom Udall puts his efforts to helping New Mexico small business and industry, we will be happy.

Full article here >>>.

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