Tom Udall Does Not do What is Best For New Mexico Regarding Your Electric Bills

 Posted:  November 3, 2014

There is plenty of poverty in New Mexico and New Mexicans do have issues with high utility costs. In fact, high cost of electric is what keeps many businesses from re-locating to New Mexico. Despite Tom Udall’s speeches that say he is for balanced energy, he is pressing for national standards that require public utilities to generate MORE electric from non-fossil fuel means. This energy is more expensive to make and the cost is passed on to you. The least expensive fuel is, of course, natural gas of which New Mexico has plenty. That, however, takes drilling to get and Tom Udall doesn’t like drilling, or nuclear, or anything but solar and wind.

The bottom line is that Tom Udall fights for higher utility costs and you will pay for his concerns about climate change, sustainability, and global warming.

The above video is a little presentation by Victor Davis Hanson who contributes pieces to the Albuquerque Journal. He lives in California and has watched the liberal policies, like those Tom Udall loves, totally hurt the poorer segments of California’s citizens.

By the way, Tom Udall has also taken the forefront on shutting down coal plants upon which the U.S. depends for more than 50% of its electricity.

What are you going to do when the entire state of New Mexico is trying to get enough energy to run itself through several hundred solar collectors south of Deming?

Tom Udall doesn’t know what balanced is, has never voted for it, and doesn’t care about it.

There is a place for alternative energy but until it can provide energy in a timely and cost effective way, it probably belongs on people’s roofs as a homeowner kind of thing, the kind of energy that the taxpayer still has to subsidize, which therefore runs its cost up even more.

Tom Udall is a New Mexico energy wrecking ball. Ask anyone in the oil business and you will get the same story. As New Mexico oil and gas goes so goes the state.

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