Tom Udall Doesn’t Care About Protecting Taxpayers

 Posted:  May 30, 2014

In the 2012 Congress, the National Taxpayers’s Union rates all the members of the Senate on how well they try to save money, protect the taxpayer, control spending, make sure taxpayers get value for their money. Each of the Senator’s gets a letter grade based on a non partisan evaluation by a group that has been around a long time.

Tom Udall has earned the grade of “F”.

This is no surprise except to those who read his glowing pronouncements that he is for fiscal responsibility etc. etc. etc. etc. We have heard the drill too many times to count.

This was only one grade for one year for Tom Udall. However, his other years in Congress, fifteen or so of them, brought him similar grades.

If you are concerned about stopping the flow of big government red ink then Tom Udall is not your man. If money is of no concern to you, then you and Tom are made for each other.

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