Tom Udall Doesn’t Care if No One Goes to Jail For the 2008 Financial Meltdown

 Posted:  June 17, 2014

2008 seems like a whole century ago. It seems like yesterday it happened when banks were failing, insurance companies were failing, and Wall Street was sucking up to Uncle Sam for more money than he had in his account. It seems like yesterday when Americans learned about derivatives and shaky stock hustles, learned that 1929 can always happen again. We still haven’t recovered from those heady days and probably won’t. In the ensuing years there has been plenty learned about the collapse. The one thing we out here in America know is that not one single big shot went to jail for fraud and crimes against us all.

Tom Udall makes a big deal about protecting us little guys. He always has a few long speeches about protecting the little guy against the big bad banksters. However, what Tom says and does are two different things.

You see, Tom Udall voted for Eric Holder to be the Attorney General of the United States. Holder is supposed to prosecute fraud and high crimes on behalf of the American people.

Tom Udall has the utmost belief in Eric Holder as a fantastic Attorney General.

Problem is, Eric Holder and his underlings have not only accepted the idea that all those guilty in 2008 were “too big to fail” but also that they are “too big to jail”.

Tom Udall was an Attorney General of New Mexico as he likes to tell us. He worked on DWI problems and then went to Washington D.C. to work on creating bigger problems for the country. Perhaps he can tell us what went wrong? How come these big banks (domestic and foreign), insurance companies, Wall Street brokerages, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac all got Tarp money, all paid big bonuses to their employees, and all are sitting in the lap of luxury now?

How come no one big went to jail?

Let’s talk about that for a while Tom Udall – instead of minimum wage.

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