Tom Udall: Dronemaster

 Posted:  September 14, 2014

The linked article below follows a speech by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to an Oklahoma audience.

She speaks fervently about her fears of drones and their invasion into American’s privacy.

She says, “Americans should be more concerned about their privacy being invaded by the spreading drones …”

Advances in technology make it possible for devices to listen to your conversations from miles away and through your walls.

Tom Udall has voted for drones in a big way. Check out his votes in the Benchmark Votes section of this Website, The applicable vote is in the FAA Modernization Act.

Tom Udall likes to say he is for your individual rights but he is right up there with the big boys on supporting the Police State for one, and Wall Street for the other.

We wish you would take the time to check a little on your hero – Tom Udall.

We did, and what we found, spurred us forwards in creating this “Accountability Website”.

Full article here >>>.

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