Tom Udall Environmentalist Rating by League Conservation Voters

 Posted:  July 20, 2014

The League of Conservation Voters gives substantial money to members of Congress and publish a yearly and lifetime list showing which members vote for their issues and causes. The League is one of Tom Udall’s number one campaign contributors and he responds by voting for their issues 97% of the time – at the very top echelon.

New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich also scores at the 93% level.

We in New Mexico want our state to be a pleasant place to live. We want to protect our environment.

For the sake of clarity, however, let’s take a look at all the issues that Tom Udall votes with the League on. It shows the extent of the League’s and environmentalists policies and how much they intrude into our daily lives in New Mexico. When you consider that New Mexico is an oil producing state, a natural resources producing state, a farming and ranching state, a state of rivers and recreation, mountains and tourism, you can see just how much Tom Udall’s votes affect New Mexico.

Here are the League’s issues:

  • Air: Votes on air pollution, including votes clean air act.
  • Clean Energy: Votes on renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Climate Change: Votes directly related to global warming, climate change.
  • Dirty Energy: Votes on polluting energy sources including conventional fossil fuels like oil, gas ands coal and non-conventional fuels like tar sands, and harmful energy subsidies for nuclear and fossil fuels.
  • Drilling: Votes on drilling offshore and in the waters off the nation’s coasts.
  • Land/Forests: Votes addressing both private and public lands, forests (including wilderness designation of land for federal management, logging, mining, foresting.
  • Oceans: Votes on ocean conservation issues including fisheries management.
  • Other: Overhauling regulatory process, sweeping funding cuts, National Environmental Policy Act, Federal appointments and nominations, trade, family planning, eminent domain.
  • Toxic Substances: Votes on publics right to know if exposed.
  • Transportation: Vehicle fuels policy, fuel efficiency, biking, walking infrastructure, transit, rail.
  • Water: Votes water quality and quantity, water pollution.
  • Wildlife: Wildlife issues including Endangered Species Act.

As you can see, the issues are voluminous and affect all our lives regardless of our feelings about the environment. In general, New Mexico’s economic development is impacted NEGATIVELY by many of the decisions that Tom Udall makes. There are plenty of articles on this Website that show the conflicts between environmentalists and New Mexicans living on the land. The prairie chicken/ sage grouse decisions threaten to shut down the oil industry in five states. The fracking controversy likewise threatens the oil industry.

When Tom Udall votes 97% of the time with the League of Conservation voters he is voting against an industry that keeps NM afloat, takes land and wilderness areas away from the state and puts them under federal control and management, affects the price of gas and the price of utilities (all up), and micromanages where you ride your bike or walk.

When you vote for Tom Udall because you think it is “fashionable” to vote for nature, remember that these votes negatively affect families and communities in the state. We can and are protecting nature but we are not protecting families and New Mexicans. What is “fashionable” about raising the cost of energy, restricting what lands New Mexicans can use in their own state, and placing the concerns of the Sage Grouse and Prairie Chicken above those of people living in the same area?

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