Tom Udall Fabricates Again: Some Would Call it Telling a Lie

 Posted:  October 11, 2014

One of our staff members reported a new radio ad by Tom Udall in which he castigates Allen Weh for potentially ruining Social Security for Seniors. He makes his demagogue points as he normally does, and we felt compelled to fact check as usual. Most of us lived during the George Bush Social Security negotiations and remember that Tom Udall wanted nothing of compromise, his normal position.

For the record, keep these things in mind:

Since LBJ, the Social Security funds you have paid and your employer have paid have been put in the General Fund and have been spent along with all the other taxes you have paid. There is no money in the trust fund except what comes in from current workers. The Federal government has stolen all the money you worked for, have spent the money, and left you dependent on the government’s ability to remain solvent in order to pay you.

Social Security is something people pay into and therefore is not an entitlement program.

George W. Bush acted on the recommendations of a 16 member BIPARTISAN committee that came up with three options for helping reform Social Security. NONE of the plans proposed anything more than allowing taxpayers to divert 2 to 4% of their taxes into their OWN accounts to help them help themselves for planning their future. The choice would be VOLUNTARY, unlike the current system that is MANDATORY. They would not have been able to exit the current Social Security system.

Tom Udall is out to lunch when he uses his scare tactics in an election, over and over and over.

From our point of view, Social Security is not sustainable in its current form.

Tom Udall uses fear to keep himself in office and, when in office, never compromises an inch.

With Tom Udall you can be assured that the money will dry up, that changes will have to be made, that insolvency will be the norm.

We listened to the radio ad, did some research, and the only conclusion is that Tom Udall doesn’t have to tell the truth because New Mexicans won’t call him on his non-truths.

That says a lot about New Mexicans and a lot about Tom Udall.

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