Tom Udall gets Albuquerque Police Department a MRAP Armored Vehicle But They May Have to Give it Back

 Posted:  July 30, 2014

It turns out that Tom Udall voted for one of those National Defense Act bad boys that included a program called the Department of Defenses 1033 Program. This program allows the Department of Defense to pass out some of its surplus military equipment to local police forces. Having a large number of MRAP’s around, the Department of Defense has been passing a lot of them out to kids in the neighborhood.

Local police forces, including Albuquerque, couldn’t resist having even more toys to play with. The trouble is that APD is already under investigation for using lethal force too many times in the last 10 years, about 27.

Perhaps APD would like to tell us how they plan to use this new armored vehicle?

It might be wiser of they give them to the homeless and mentally ill who have been taking real target practice lately.

Tom Udall voted for the bill that brought Albuquerque the MRAP.

Maybe he will explain to us why they are needed?

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