Tom Udall Gets Bit by His Own Dog

 Posted:  June 22, 2014

The ACLU is a traditional Democrat ally. It says much when they step up to the plate and denounce impending legislation from their favorite side of the aisle. It is a little like your best friend in the world suddenly stepping up and telling the world that you are making a horrible horrible mistake.

Here is what the ACLU says, their words, not ours, in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that is considering the Udall Campaign Finance bill:

“It (the amendment) would lead directly to government censorship of political speech and result in a host of unintended consequences that would undermine the goals of the amendment that has been introduced …”

Tom Udall isn’t a stranger to signing bills with unintended consequences. He signed on to No Child Left Behind, ObamaCare, National Defense Authorization Act, Dodd Frank and others. Tom Udall thinks a lot about what he does and keeping your rights is not on his agenda.

Tom Udall and friends want to take care of your business because they can do it better than you and they definitely don’t want you to have anything to say about what they are doing or how they are doing it. You aren’t smart enough to speak for yourself.

We get bit by our own dog occasionally. You are crazy to keep electing the dog that bites you.

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