Tom Udall Gives American Jobs to Foreigners

 Posted:  June 17, 2014

When a nephew graduated from college, half of his class was from foreign countries. When they graduated, they took jobs in America and were enabled to do this by having an H-1B Visa. The large number of foreign students in college in the U.S. does several things. It provides companies with a cheaper source of labor and it narrows opportunities for American kids who have to compete for the same jobs.

The article linked below talks about an American tech company that lost 220 jobs to outsourcing. The IT jobs were outsourced to new employees from India and the bad thing was that the soon to be replaced American employees had to train their Indian replacements. All these IT geeks from India were granted H-1B Visas so the outsourcing went as planned. Business got less expensive employees and, probably, the price of service and/or product didn’t go down – so more profit. Shareholders and CEO’s alike don’t have a problem showing more profit.

There was grumbling and a feeling of being sold out. Some of the replaced Americans were young enough and flexible enough to find other industry work. Some of the older employees were just out of work permanently.

It reminded that Tom Udall has voted for a lot of these H-1B Visa’s over the years. With a grade on immigration of “F” by Numbers U.S.A., it is clear that he is personally responsible for job losses like the ones described in this article.

Someone take the time to listen to Tom Udall explain why he votes for so many H-1B Visa’s when there are qualified American graduates who are ready and willing to take American jobs in America?

Tom Udall isn’t the best friend a student ever had, but he does say he is making college more affordable for all students. Trouble is, he has already given your job to someone else.

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