Tom Udall Has Killed the Middle Class and Doesn’t Even Know It

 Posted:  June 18, 2014

The American Middle Class is disappearing. That is a fact. Another fact is that current government policies are contributing to this loss of the Middle Class and Tom Udall continues to support the policies that are hurting you and your kids. And, he has the nerve to claim in fundraising efforts that he is helping the Middle Class.

Let’s think about this.

The Middle class needs steady jobs and rising income to prosper. We have unemployment around 7% ( twice that if you figure the government is cooking the books). We also have the cost of healthcare (ObamaCare) and education (college) rising. We have rising electricity and housing costs and even people with money are shopping at Wall Mart and Dollar Store to make ends meet. We have increased taxes at all income levels (i.e. property, sales tax, income tax, fees etc.). We have working people making less money (inflation adjusted) than they did in 1968. We have smaller packages of groceries selling for higher prices. We have gasoline almost to four dollars.

We have a Federal Reserve that is making it easy for the rich to prosper.

Tom Udall supports all these get rich quicker plans. In addition he pushes the cost of everything that involves electricity higher through his climate warming hoops. He wants more solar and wind and less fossil fuel, wants to shut down coal fired power plants. All of this will make for much more expensive utilities. You think your electric bill is high now – just wait.

If Tom Udall is for the middle class, let him explain how?

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