Tom Udall Has No Issues With Wall Street Money: He is in Goldman Sach’s Back Pocket

 Posted:  July 20, 2014

If you look down to the bottom of the list, second from the last but not the least, you find Tom Udall’s name on the list. The list is Senators who received lots of money from Wall Street in 2010 and you can bet that Tom is still taking it, hand over fist.

You can believe that the money was given as something other than a bribe, but we think bribe is the right word to describe Senator’s taking money from Wall Street.

Tom Udall champions the little guy and the middle class, the working man and the poor. Yet, he was given money and took it from Goldman Sachs who benefits from Federal Reserve policies, the Dodd Frank bill that punishes small and local banks and rewards big banks and consolidation. Tom Udall has made lots of votes that help the financial sector in his time. He backs global trade agreements and is no stranger to big companies interests.

When Tom Udall begins with his populist talk ask him about 2010 when he was basking in the support of Wall Street. Ask him how much he is taking now, four years down the road. Ask him how much money he makes from special interests on any bill he is going to vote for, on both sides of the issue.

He has plenty of money for his re-election campaign.

Ask him when he is actually going to vote to audit the Fed or restore the Glass Stegall Act or get us out of the World Trade Organization?

He won’t answer. It is not in his interest to do so.

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