Tom Udall: Here is What $16 Trillion in Debt Looks Like

 Posted:  May 30, 2014

These days government throws billions of dollars around like kids pitching pennies against the cafeteria wall. The billions sound to us like Monopoly money. There is no way to comprehend how much a million is, how much a billion is, how much a trillion is.

The debt keeps on coming and politicians like Tom Udall fight like dogs and cats when the government comes to a point they might shut down some non-essential services due to lack of funds. Tom Udall has never voted not to increase the federal debt ceiling and, after the last close call when he excoriated Republicans for being “bad guys”, he seems much better today knowing that all his favorite causes are being funded.

After all, one must never ask whether a program really works, whether something should be stopped, whether someone should be laid off. When the government is involved money is no issue.

Looking at all the money, you have to shake your head. How, you might ask, could we possibly accumulate so much debt? Will it ever stop?

It won’t stop if Tom Udall goes back to Congress. He loves to spend your money.

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