Tom Udall Hurts Seniors by His Support of the Federal Reserve

 Posted:  September 27, 2014

You always thought Tom Udall was standing right behind you. You thought he was 100% behind Seniors. After all, he voted for all kinds of Medicare stuff, as well as prescription drug benefits, Senior Centers etc.

However, one bad thing Tom Udall does for Seniors is support the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel that has lowered rates to an all time low so seniors have trouble getting a return on their CDs. You save all your lives and have been taught that cash is King. However, you take home less and less on your savings, inflation keeps going up, and your taxes keep going up.

It could be worse. The young working folks could rebel and say they just aren’t going to pay for your Social Security and your Healthcare via ObamaCare.

Tom, Udall might be your cup of tea but Seniors shouldn’t think he is for them in any way.

If Tom Udall doesn’t address the Social Security Ponzi scam now, we all are going to suffer in the future when the funds are not there to keep it solvent. In an economy that generates lower wages, fewer jobs, and less taxes – how is Social Security going to deal with increased Social Security claims?

That, Tom Udall, is a question we want to hear you answer?

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