Tom Udall: Hypocrisy (Watch the Video)

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

If there is one lesson we have learned in doing this Website, it is that Tom Udall is a hypocrite.

He always says he is doing this, but he is really doing that. He is always hurting the people he says he wants to help, and helping the people he wants to hurt.

It is hard to disbelieve that a sitting U.S. Senator could twist facts so well, point the finger at someone else, and shuffle the pea under the shells of his own shell game.

Tom Udall is not moderate, not bi-partisan, not conservative, not interested.

He goes to work every day in his suit and tie but he campaigns for Congress in Levi’s and a cowboy hat.

Hypocrisy is a good word for Tom Udall. He can’t talk about most issues because he knows that he gets money from progressive sources and New Mexico isn’t a progressive state. New Mexico is a poor state that will remain dependent in the Federal government as long as Tom Udall remains in Washington.

Don’t you want real change – not the Obama kind of change – but real change that will improve our state?

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