Tom Udall is an Obstructionist of the First Order

 Posted:  October 25, 2014

The linked article by George Will aptly describes what has been happening in the Senate that Tom Udall does nothing to change.

Since 2010, Harry Reid has shut down bills sent to the Senate by the U.S. House of Representatives and has stuck them in his desk. Thus, legislation passed by the House, has stopped in its tracks and been deemed not worthy to bring up by one man – Harry Reid. Dinghy Harry has also refused to let Republicans make amendments to bills the Senate votes on so as not to make Democrats have to be responsible and accountable for their votes.

Thus, Obama can use executive orders and bureaucratic mission creep to advance his agenda on things that should be legislated.

When Tom Udall points the finger at the bad Republicans who obstruct just because they have disagreements with a bill on philosophical differences or because they can’t vote for a bill that the voters that put them into office wouldn’t want, he is just being Tom Udall.

He has learned that you don’t need facts to win elections in New Mexico. In fact, facts get in the way.

All you have to do to get elected here is talk populism, talk emotions, talk generalities, and talk down to the intelligence of the voters.

Oh, we forgot.

The intelligent voters in New Mexico are outnumbered.

Tom Udall is an obstructionist of the first order because he stands back at the pencil sharpener while Harry Reid takes a blowtorch to legislation that could help the economy and help New Mexico.

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