Tom Udall is Mad as Hell and Wants to Show You How Mad He Is

 Posted:  May 29, 2014

Tom Udall is upset at the problems with the V.A., especially since it is in Albuquerque and lots of Vets have voted for him. He is one of the first to express dismay, ask for investigation, and even ask for General Shinseki to resign.

The question is: Where was this concern by ANY politician, of either party, when the voice vote was taken to confirm the General. In the first few hours of the Obama administration a host of nominees were voted on without even taking a real vote. Tom Udall can deny he voted for the nomination but we are guessing he said “yes”. He could have asked for a roll call vote, but neither he nor anyone else did. Information we know now shows that there were problems with the V.A. from way back, but they have never been addressed and V.A. elites were given bonus checks of your taxpayer money to create fake lists, deny care to dying vets, and abuse their positions.

This is symptomatic of all the career politicians and practices in Washington. The President nominates someone and they are rubber stamped by both parties. If one party objects they are cast as disgruntled “party poopers”.

We are all mad about the problems with the V.A. and worried about that other government sponsored and run healthcare system called “ObamaCare”.

Instead of rubber stamping his parties nominations, as shows, Tom Udall, as well as others, should take more time, debate, and discuss who they are putting in charge.

The problems at the V.A. underscore the need to clean house and permanently resign, at the voting booth, ALL current incumbents in Congress.

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