Tom Udall is Not Universally Appreciated in New Mexico

 Posted:  May 25, 2014

It seems obvious, but Tom Udall is not liked as well in New Mexico as most would think. It is true that he rode Obama’s coat-tails in 2008 to a resounding 60% of the vote. However, that means 40% of the state voters did not vote for him. To hear pundits, New Mexico is a really BLUE state and really is a place that wants to re-elect the most liberal Senator in the country. is dedicated to making sure that Tom Udall is held accountable for his votes. He is not a moderate. He is not bi-partisan. He has an agenda. He also likes to wear cowboy hats and run ads like he is a real down home kind of guy. Don’t let Tom fool you; make sure when you vote for him you know what you are getting!

To help with your homework, this website has background info on Tom Udall’s history, his votes on significant bills, where he gets his money, and all the instances where he says one thing but does another. It has a newsfeed that gives info on a daily basis until the election in November. It has a “Battleground Issues” section with articles, videos, questions, and Tom Udall’s positions on 22 issues.

Politicians like Tom Udall want to shrink your conversation to only a few issues. They want to talk about minimum wage, or solar energy, or wilderness preservation. They don’t want to talk about crony capitalism, the Federal Reserve, individualism versus Collectivism. They don’t want to talk about how they built the Police State.

Visit a grassroots site interested in your personal freedoms. You will vote for the individual presented to you but don’t give your vote away cheap. Make sure the person you vote for reflects most of your views on most of the issues. New Mexico could actually use a MODERATE voice in the Senate.

We don’t have that with our most liberal blue state Senator, hailing from a family dynasty. and sporting a 5 million dollar war chest to crush opposition. For a guy who is worried about campaign reform, he has plenty of money.

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