Tom Udall is Pro-War and Anti-Fiscal Conservative

 Posted:  September 21, 2014

As mentioned in this linked review below of the recent vote to fund the government for a while, (attached to a vote on the Export Import Bank and giving Obama authority to arm and train rebels in Syria to fight other rebels in Syria deemed to be our enemies), Tom Udall voted “yes”.

There was a coalition of anti-war liberals and fiscally responsible conservatives that voted “no”.

Therefore, by his vote (ignoring his excuses), Tom Udall is pro-war and anti-fiscal responsibility.

That means we dislike his vote immensely. We know Tom Udall is against fiscal responsibility – no news there. However, he is supposed to be anti-war.

What’s going on Tom? You are acting like you are changing your positions again as you go into an election against a military guy? You voted against bombing Syria but now you vote to give money and weapons and aid to Syrian rebels? You have questions about the sanity of the entire endeavor, but you vote for WAR instead?

Where are your principles? If Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz both hate this bill and vote against it, it has to be a no win for anybody?

It is hard to post on your positions on issues because you are mushy. Buck up, and take a risk – say what you mean and mean what you say.

Don’t we have a right to know that you are thinking about your vote instead of just being a rubber stamp for the Executive Branch?

Have you lost your mind?

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