Tom Udall isn’t Protecting ANY Jobs in New Mexico; That is a Fact!

 Posted:  September 21, 2014

The linked report below from the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics tells a different story than Tom Udall tells in his statements and on his campaign Website. Why are we not surprised that he boldly says he is protecting bases in New Mexico, protecting jobs, and building small businesses when he is doing none of these?

In the last year in New Mexico, ending April of 2014, New Mexico LOST 5,900 jobs. New Mexico is the ONLY state in our region to lose jobs.

Of the 5,900 jobs lost the government sector LOST 3,700 jobs, Construction and Manufacturing LOST 2,000 jobs, professional services LOST 1,700 jobs, financial services GAINED 2,000 jobs, mining and Logging GAINED 1,700 jobs, and hospitality GAINED 700 jobs.

There were seven straight consecutive months of negative growth in New Mexico for a growth rate of -.73%.

New Mexico was one of the top ten-states where the non-farm payroll decreased.

So, our takeaway is as follows:

  1. Tom Udall FAILED to protect the labs and bases and government jobs, his main stated mission in his ads on television.

  2. Tom Udall FAILED to generate any job gains in New Mexico when neighboring states all showed positive gains in employment.

  3. Tom Udall’s much touted boost to the New Mexico tourism industry by his land grabs only brought 700 jobs to New Mexico and most of those are low paid service jobs.

  4. There is no mention of green energy jobs so we can assume they were negligible.

  5. New Mexico is one of the hardest hit states in the Union with one of the highest poverty levels in the country (2nd).

  6. Financial services jobs gained because the Federal Reserve and Tom Udall follow a cheap money path that rewards paper pushers instead of workers.

  7. Mining and Logging were a plus despite Tom Udall’s environmental ambitions.

  8. Tom Udall talks big but carries a very small stick on creating jobs and fostering conditions favorable to job growth and business.

  9. Tom Udall running on creating jobs in an atmosphere of increased unemployment and the highest rates of workers not participating in the economy since the category was tracked is utterly unbelievable.

  10. If you think Tom Udall knows anything about job creation you need to read his biographical information.

We don’t make these things up. The facts are out there.

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