Tom Udall isn’t the Only New Mexico Politician to Take Money From PACs: He Just Takes More Than Your Local Representative

 Posted:  July 24, 2014

The article linked below was published in a recent Albuquerque Journal issue that details how some local Democratic politicians get their operating capital from a number of sources.

Republicans have their sources of money too but they just aren’t as hypocritical about saying they want to keep money out of politics as the Democrats.

There is a saying that all politics is local and this article shows who might be having a say in how your local representative decides to vote in the New Mexico legislature.

You aren’t going to keep politicians from getting all the money they need to run and compete.

What you can do is know who is giving the money, how your representatives vote, and whether you should put them back in office.

How cheaply you want to sell your vote is up to you. Politicians buy your vote every day and it doesn’t really even cost them a dime. They just push your buttons and paint pretty pictures of how much they have done for you with your own money.

Full article here >>>.

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