Tom Udall Just Took Away 30,000 Healthcare Policies in New Mexico

 Posted:  October 29, 2014

Not enough has been said about ObamaCare. It remains one of the most intrusive, worst pieces of legislation in decades. It springs from the belief by some that health care is best provided to citizens by the Federal government instead of considering this a personal responsibility. Along the way you get into how it is too be paid for, what services are going to be provided, and whether the US even has enough Doctors and nurses and health care professionals to care for an aging population.

Tom Udall not only voted for the bill but told stories that people would be able to keep their doctors and their plans. This, as it turns out, was just more doublespeak and deception.

Tom Udall has hidden from Healthcare this election. You don’t see it as one of his issues on his Website and when confronted with uncomfortable truths in his opponent’s television ads, Tom Udall just changes the topic to class envy ideas.

Do you really believe that a Federal government that can’t control our borders, can’t keep us out of perpetual wars overseas, can’t make a profit with the Post Office, and has gotten out of the Space business can really manage your health well?

Until the Federal government can balance their books they don’t have any claim to touch the healthcare of you or any of us.

30,000 cancelled New Mexico policies is just another wreck in the ObamaCare disaster.

Returning Tom Udall to Congress would be another, even greater, train wreck.

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