Tom Udall Knows About the Federal Reserve but Chooses Not to Talk About It

 Posted:  July 9, 2014

Perhaps you should know what he doesn’t want you to know?

  1. The Federal Reserve System is a privately owned banking cartel.

  2. The Federal Reserve System is a perpetual debt machine.

  3. The Federal Reserve has destroyed more than 90% of the value of the dollar.

  4. The Federal Reserve can and does bail out whoever it wants to with no accountability.

  5. The Federal Reserve is paying banks to not loan money.

  6. The Federal Reserve creates artificial economic bubbles that are extremely damaging.

  7. The Federal Reserve is dominated by the big Wall Street Banks.

  8. It is no accident that the Federal Reserve and the income tax on personal earning came at the same time.

  9. The current chair of the Federal Reserve continues the policies of her predecessor who had a nightmare record. Perhaps you should know what he doesn’t want you to know?

  10. The Federal Reserve has become too powerful and is un-audited and un-accountable.

Tom Udall has voted for and continues to vote for the Federal Reserve and its policies that help the rich and hurt everyone else. Ask him what he knows about the Federal Reserve and he will either change the subject, talk about being for the Middle Class, or refer you to his press agent. Tom Udall is a rich cat who votes for rich cats. He won’t talk about things that really matter.

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