Tom Udall Let’s the Constitution Burn and Does Nothing

 Posted:  June 20, 2014

Here’s what Obama said in one of his previous campaigns where he promised he walked on water and then left us carrying the buckets:

“The biggest problem that we’re facing right now has to do with George Bush trying to bring more power to the Executive Branch, not go through Congress at all. I intend to reverse that as President …

“If Congress won’t act, I will …”

Here are some of the Constitutional violations by the Obama administration:

  1. Embracing Bush’s war powers

  2. Pursuing unauthorized war

  3. Forcing Common Core on schools

  4. Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants

  5. Rewriting Obamacare for political gain

If Tom Udall cared about the Constitution and keeping the integrity of the Legislative Branch he would have stepped up and criticized his President. It is easy to talk bad about George Bush but where is he when Obama does the same things Bush did. We don’t hear anything from Tom Udall.

He has a selective idea about the Constitution. He has a selective idea about free speech. He has a selective idea about most every issue.

Rubber stamp Tom Udall wants to amend the Constitution but won’t defend it. How is that for a former Attorney General? It just goes to show you how backwards a state we have when we put a man in the highest offices who is afraid to criticize the Executive Branch until constituent phone calls make him aware there is a problem.

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