Tom Udall Likes Free Speech But Really Likes to Choose Who Has It

 Posted:  May 7, 2014

Messing with the Constitution is a preoccupation of Tom Udall. He actually doesn’t believe in it much, is quite comfortable with trying to make it what he thinks it should be, and believes that shutting down opposition to his big government policies will help the State become our parents, our teachers, and our pastors. Whether he is trying to shut down filibusters, sending letters to the IRS to investigate 501c groups (Tea Party people), pass campaign reform legislation that favors incumbents and his own party, Tom Udall is Constitution wrecking ball. Regardless of our political ideas, our personal opinions and desires, doing anything to infringe on the rights of people to talk, argue, propagandize hurts us all. The only Constitutional amendment he SHOULD work on is Term Limits for Congressmen.

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