Tom Udall Likes Public/Private Partnerships and Fascism Too

 Posted:  July 2, 2014

It is little surprise that Tom Udall likes the idea of government teaming up with big business to provide services to a public. He was all for cash for clunkers and bailing out General Motors. He is all for insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceuticals being part of the government health care system. He is for using stimulus TARP money to prop up alternative energy companies whose products are not yet ready for prime time. Tom Udall likes the Federal Reserve teaming up with Wall Street, Big Banks, and Big business so the rich get richer. These are all examples of a government involvement with private enterprise.

The linked article below describe the negatives of government teaming up with business at all. This all has shades of Communist Russia and Fascist Italy in the old times that are, apparently, still the new times.

When Tom Udall and Michelle Lujan-Grisham, Ben Ray Lujan, and a majority of the New Mexico Congressional delegation are all promoting public private partnerships it is just another instance where New Mexico is fast becoming the first State in the new Communist States of America.

Public private partnerships is just describing another corrupting factor in Washington where the rich get richer, big business squeezes out small business, and government helps its friends to maintain its power.

Please, Tom Udall, Read the Constitution. Understand what private enterprise is. There is a place for government but it is minimal and targeted.

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