Tom Udall Loves Executive Orders … Especially Big Ones

 Posted:  July 31, 2014

The linked article below is a run down of guests on a show by Gene Grant on PBS, Channel 5.

One of the guests is Tom Udall and the discussion, in the past tense, was about climate change and water.

The kicker is a comment that Tom Udall supports an Executive Order by President Obama to cut carbon emissions 30% by the year 2030.

There are numerous things bad about this statement:

  1. Tom Udall doesn’t understand the Constitution. We elect people to go to Congress and debate these things. There are good reasons that climate change doesn’t get respect in Congress. Tom Udall doesn’t want you represented. He wants one man to sign a paper and damn the consequences.

  2. The costs of cutting carbon emissions will affect every person in the country. It will mean we will be trying to supplement cost effective energy with very expensive alternative energy ,and you will be paying for it.

  3. It indicates that Tom Udall will never let go of his security blanket – climate change. It is funny because climate always changes. We have been through a number of ice ages and a number of warming periods – all before the advent of fossil fuels.

  4. Tom Udall is a man on a mission, and it isn’t a mission everyone supports. Daily, there are new reports that the climate change bandwagon has a few wheels rolling off.

What we really need in New Mexico is a representative who understands fossil fuels, isn’t afraid to use our state’s natural resources to create jobs and tax dollars, and understands that as water gets more expensive people will conserve naturally and without government coercion.

When a member of Congress talks about loving Executive Orders that bypass debate and representation by the people’s representatives, you have to worry about him.

We don’t need to change the climate, we just need to change out Tom Udall.

Full article here >>>.

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