Tom Udall Makes Native American Affairs, Mineral Payments & Droughts Top Issues

 Posted:  May 10, 2014

There are many priorities Americans have these days. Finding and keeping work is one of them. Staying out of expensive and bloody foreign wars is one of them. Raising children and keeping families together is one of them. Paying the bills and having a little extra to go out to dinner is one of them. Tom Udall’s top priorities, according to this liberal report, are not even on most people’s radar. We are concerned about drones, shootings in Albuquerque, IRS audits and investigations of citizens pursuing their Constitutional liberties. We are concerned about what happened to our dead Ambassador in Bengazi. We are concerned that laws are being changed by the Executive Branch. What about all the Executive orders that steal power from the people? Tom Udall has a funny sense of importance,but his list of priorities dos tell you a lot about the man who has spent 20 years in Congress.

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