Tom Udall Misses the Natural Gas Train But Buys His Ticket to the Election

 Posted:  July 25, 2014

Recently, Tom Udall has become a convert and realized how important the oil and gas industry is too New Mexico. Now, for maybe a first in his career, he has pushed back against the environmentalists who tell him what to say and how to think.

Tom Udall is, at last, for pushing for legislation to help sell more liquified natural gas to help the New Mexico economy.

The number of wells in New Mexico has steadily declined and the price has gone down too.
New Mexico is sitting on TRILLIONS of cubic feet of natural gas that is waiting to get out of the ground.

Oddly enough, Tom Udall waited to move on this economic booster for decades in Congress. According to the Rio Grande Foundation this attempt to sell more liquified gas overseas would bring 200 million and create at least 2000 jobs in New Mexico.

Sadly enough, China and Russia have already signed a huge agreement dealing with natural gas. Tom Udall’s procrastination has cost the state of New Mexico huge markets. Sadly enough, the state of New Mexico doesn’t have natural gas cars and stations. They were not followed up on because Tom Udall likes windmills and solar.

We are glad the Tom Udall finally woke up, but it is way too little way too late.

However, election time is here and Tom Udall will take more campaign money from the oil and gas industry as he always has. He already has out of state environmental money from people who don’t know what we do here and don’t know he is pushing fossil fuels – totally out of character.

Oh well, what a politician says and does are always two different things, and Tom Udall is, first and foremost, a politician.

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