Tom Udall Most Liberal Senator 2012

 Posted:  May 27, 2014

2012 is a few years behind us, but Tom Udall, if not the most liberal Senator, is right up there at the top of the pack.

The most interesting point in this article is as follows:

Tom Udall’s office declined to take interviews about this article and stated that Tom Udall was a non-ideological Senator who worked for New Mexicans, fighting for the middle class and job creation.

While Tom Udall prefers to hide his votes, his record does everything it can to hurt the middle class and not create jobs,

Labels do carry some truth. A Liberal believes in big government. Big government is not cheap. Big government carries lots of regulation and control. Big government, and Tom Udall, uses big government to fight what they see as social injustice and inequality. The main business they want to build is Big government.

Tom Udall is always good at refusing to answer pointed questions. He is a very partisan, ideological, party politician. Of course, he wants to shift the topic. He is a progressive liberal Senator who votes with the far left of his party all of the time. Independent voters are not going to get compromise from him. They will get evasion, double talk, pointing of the finger, and assigning blame elsewhere.

Check out Tom Udall’s record on He is, as this rating says, a very very very liberal Senator. Ideology matters a great deal and Tom Udall votes an ideology that New Mexican’s don’t favor.

Tom Udall is running for office again. He can run, but voters need to make sure he can’t hide. How can you trust a man that votes liberal and say’s he doesn’t? How can you trust a man who won’t give interviews and provides scripted statements from the safety of his office, protected by staff? It would be more Senator like for him to just come out and say he is a member of the Progressive Caucus (and he is), and he wants a European style socialist welfare state.

Then, we could believe him.

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