Tom Udall: Multimillionaire

 Posted:  November 2, 2014

Before you get excited, Tom Udall is a multimillionaire, but more like a mini-multimillionaire. He is ranked 47th among current Senators in terms of personal wealth – $2.9 million. He has more than enough money to pay his bills but he always votes for laws that make it hard for you to pay your bills.

Money is only one factor in choosing a U.S. Senator. Allen Weh, Tom Udall’s opponent, has money too – that is why he can run for office and use his own personal money to help his campaign. Money greases the wheels in Washington D.C. and even though Tom Udall doesn’t have an extensive fortune he has a lot of people to call in his little black book when he needs a “fixer” or a “favor”.

If Allen Weh didn’t have money we would hate to see how badly he would get decimated. Tom Udall’s campaign seems to want to make an issue about Allen Weh’s financial reports on his campaign but there is also the issue of Tom Udall using taxpayer dollars to fund some of his trips to New Mexico and writing them off as helping constituents when he is just campaigning. We get lots of e mails from Tom Udall telling us how good he is and he isn’t paying for it. You can imagine how distressing it is to know you are paying taxes so Tom Udall can campaign free, day after day, on his official Website.

Overall, this is just typical New Mexico small ball.

Tom Udall doesn’t want to talk about illegal immigration, ObamaCare, the Federal Reserve, Fast and Furious, Bengazi, his own Ethics complaint in Congress. Instead, he wants us to come down to his level and disregard all the bad bills he has voted on and all the shortcuts he has taken in his trip to the U.S. Senate.

Sorry Tom Udall. We are focused on your record and it isn’t a good one. For a man who says he helps New Mexico 100% it sure looks like you are unpopular. When you are struggling to get 50% of the voters, it appears you really aren’t that much of an institution in New Mexico. How can you represent 100% of New Mexico voters when you may not get 50% of the voter.

The undecideds will determine which way this election goes and you don’t deserve their votes. They are independents and you are a progressive liberal party man who votes the party line.

Looks like you are drumming up character assassination stuff when your character has already been executed by the Senate Ethics report filed on you this year for your involvement (deep) in the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

Perhaps Allen Weh will think to bring that up sometime?

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