Tom Udall Needs a Brush Up on the Constitution

 Posted:  July 29, 2014

The Constitution used to be the law of the land until progressives such as Tom Udall got his hands on it. He is still crushing it up to start fires in his home barbecue – if he would be caught dead doing something so working class.

The Constitution deals with power and how to give YOU the most power and Washington D.C. the least power.

Unfortunately, New Mexico voters don’t seem to care about making their own decisions, running their own affairs. They vote for Tom Udall because he will give them stuff and make all their decisions and, by the way, steal from some people to give to others in the name of “fairness”.

Watch the linked video. Bill Whittle is on fire, as usual.

Power is stolen from you by politicians, on a daily basis. Claim the power to run your own life and tell Tom Udall he can go to the back of the bus and be quiet.

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