Tom Udall: New Mexico’s Own Progressive Politician

 Posted:  July 3, 2014

“The progressive assault on the limited constitutionalism of the founders set the stage for modern liberalism and the rise of big government over the past century …”

“Progressives were united in their contempt for what they called the ‘individualism’ of the Founding Fathers. Instead of government that protects natural rights, through limited, decentralized power, they envisioned an expansive government, a ‘living’ and evolving Constitution, the role of ‘experts’ in nationally centralized administrative agencies …”

“Progressives found a much more active role for government in overseeing civil society, regulating the economy and redistributing wealth …”

“To ensure that all citizens possess all they need to attain happiness, government must create an environment in which all possess the same advantages, despite the fact that this requires government to interfere with the natural rights the founders sought to preserve …”

“Government must be able to re-distribute wealth and grant benefits in order to ensure that everyone is equal, has equal means to pursue happiness and must provide economic and social resources to develop the social character …”

This pretty much tells you who Tom Udall is, what he wants, and why he wants it.

It is not the vision of

Tom Udall will hide from his progressive ideology but he is a progressive through and through, always has been, always will be.

The question remains the same – “Does Tom Udall represent you?”

If he does, vote for him. If he doesn’t, vote against him or vote for his opponent, or stay home.

We all have choices to make, and consequences too.

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