Tom Udall: Not One For Bipartisanship

 Posted:  May 29, 2014 is an independent, non-partisan Website that keeps track of things like how many times Senators present bills in Congress, how many times they have other Senators accepting their bills, how may times they reach across the aisle to gain support from those who don’t normally agree with them.

There are many conclusions a New Mexico voter might make from this report on Tom Udall. These are some of the highlights:

  1. Tom Udall is 2nd lowest among 50 Senate Democrats for writing bipartisan bills.

  2. Tom Udall is in the lower 50% of Senate Democrats that have powerful co-sponsors on bills they introduce.

  3. Tom Udall is in the lowest 25% of Senate Democrats for joining Bi-Partisan bills.

  4. Tom Udall has had 0% of the bills he has sponsored in 2013 become law.

So, New Mexico voters should not be automatically pleased when, on Google, on the internet, in his speeches and interviews Tom Udall talks about bills he has introduced. They should be glad he doesn’t get his bills made into law. Bills passed with the support of only one party or the other (like ObamaCare) are not in the best interest of anyone.

I would rather have a mediocre bill that both parties agree on than a mega-bill that only one party votes for.

Tom Udall blows his horn good, but, according to this report on his effectiveness, he is not blowing much melody.

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